Yowien Territory

To start these quests you will need to be at least AB40.
You must also have completed the Aman Jungle Quests

Before you start please take a moment to remember the following Abbreviations:
AbbreviationFull Name
AJAman Jungle
YTYowien Territory
CCCrystal Caves
Here is a list of the Important Mundanes you will come across. After visiting each one once you should remember their whereabouts. If it's your first time you may use the coordinates provided.
NameMap NameCoordinates
YT5(Lowella's House)
Grey Yowien Guard
Baboon Guard
And here is a list of the Items you will need if you plan to do the quest without killing anything.
(Besides the mandatory Baby Brutes).
QuantityNameObtained FromDrop Rate
20xDendron Flower Dendrons
70% Chance per kill
70% bonus Chance for killer
1xCrystal Orb Crystal Orb
100% Chance per kill
100% bonus chance for killer
20xYowien Fish Yowien Fish
10% Chance per kill
Drops on Floor
25xYowien Blue Vine Yowien Tree (Room North-East of 14)
100% Chance per kill
100% bonus chance for killer
25xYowien Yellow Vine Yowien Tree (Room South-East of 14)
100% Chance per kill
100% bonus chance for killer
20xYowien Grey Fur Yowiens
90% Chance per kill
Drops on Floor
**Please note that Some items have a chance to break**
*The Dendron Bouquet (Product of the Dendron Flowers) May break upon Inspection by Kharlo.
*The Crystal Orb Will break after 7 Days. Norrie will require a new one for you to pass YT11.
*The Braided Vine (Product of the Blue & Yellow Yowien Vines) May break upon Entry to the Waterfall.
**I have not seen a Braided Vine break in a long time. It may no longer break.

With that covered Let's move on to the actual quests.

Mended Jowella and Kharlo's love:

I've gotten lost during this quest before, so I've added some checkboxes for convenience.
CC7: Begin by talking to Kharlo, he will tell you why he is there.
AJ18: Enter YT1 on the Southwestern wall.
YT3: Tell Jowella "I know Kharlo" She will tell you why she is mad.
CC7: Tell Kharlo "Jowella is mad at you"
YT3: Tell Jowella "He is apologizing"
CC7: Ask Kharlo "What is her favorite flower?"
* For the next step you will need 20 Dendron Flower. YT3 is ideal for hunting because monsters other than dendrons very rarely spawn.
YT6: When you have the flowers tell Kheven "Dendron Bouquet". Wait 10 Minutes and say "Dendron Bouquet" again.
CC7: Equip the Dendron Bouquet and tell Kharlo "Dendron Bouquet" to have him inspect it.
If you are unlucky he will destroy the bouquet and you must return to the step marked with an *
Return the Bouquet to Jowella and say "Dendron Bouquet".
She will reward you with 85mil exp and 550k ap.

Allowed to enter Secured Caves:

After Mending their Relationship return to Kharlo in CC7 and let him know "She forgives you."
Listen to what he has to say (including all of the the "zzz...zzz...zzz") then click on Kharlo and he will allow you entrance into CC8.
You may continue onwards to CC14 and kill the Crystal Orbs that spawn in this room.
You will probably need a group to surround the Crystal so the Rock Lobsters can't kill it first.

Found Luwella's House Key:

Head to Norrie in YT11 and click her, read through the dialogue then say "Crystal Orb." She will tell you she can hear a girl crying in the distance who could use your help.
Go to Luwella in YT5 and ask her "Why are you crying?". She will tell you that she lost her house key whilst swimming in YT14.
Head to Lizbeth in YT4 and ask her about her "Yowien Fishing Pole." She agrees to give you the pole if you first bring her 20 Yowien Fish.
Return to Norrie in YT11 and tell her to "Let me through" (The door doesn't work, you must always say this).
Once teleported to YT12 you may start hunting the fish in the water. They also spawn in the waters of YT13 and YT14.
Return to Lizbeth in YT4 once you have them and say "Yowien Fishes" she will give you the Yowien Fishing Pole.
Return to YT12 and search the water until you find her Luwella's Key.
Return it to her in YT5 by saying "I have the house key" Norrie will require a new Crystal Orb after 7 Days.

Protect Luwella from Baby Brutes:

After finding the House Key, return to Luwella in YT5 and ask "Can I come in?" (The door doesn't work, you must always say this).
Once inside say "Hello Granny" and after she talks about the Baby Brutes assure her by saying "I can protect Luwella."
Kill 40 Baby Brutes in YT 12, 13 and 14 then return to Granny and say "I am all done", and yell "Wake up Granny!" after she falls asleep.

Learned the Secret Waterfall Entrance:

Granny will speak about a Secret Waterfall Entrance, and offers to help you make a Braided Vine to help you get inside.
To make it she requires 25 Yowien Blue Vine and 25 Yowien Yellow Vine.
You may hunt these in the rooms adjacent to YT14. Return to her once you have them and say "I have the Vines", and she will quickly craft your Braided Vine.
Head to YT14 and walk into the waterfall. If you are unlucky your Braided Vine will snap, otherwise you will end up inside YT15.
To make a new Braid visit Granny again and say "I have the vines". After the first time she will only require 10 Yowien Blue Vine and 10 Yowien Yellow Vine.

Obtained the Yowien Costume:

Head to YT15 and Ask Arcella "What are you doing here?" then "What useless junk?".
After explaining about the Yowiens and the Thief she will ask you to collect her 20 Grey Yowien Fur.
Return to her once you have them and say "I have the Grey Yowien Furs" and then "Secret Language" to learn their secret security phrase.

Returned Arcella's Stolen Bag:

Equip your Yowien Costume and your Yowien Headgear and head to YT17.
When you see the Grey Yowien Guard put on your best Yowien Accent and howl "graauuloow". He will recognize you as one and allow you to pass.
Continue to make your way to YT24.

Stand near the Baboon Guard at (45,25) and wait for the rest of your group to arrive.
Once everyone is ready you will need to kill 10 White Baboons.
They will slowly surround your group and stare trying to intimidate. However, since they only attack within a 2 tile radius you are relitively safe.
They hit really fast and hard so make sure your group has aite and fas, as well as the designated mor ioc comhla doing their job.
The best way to deal with them is to Cursed Tune and mor pian na dion them one at a time.
After Killing all 10 you may enter YT25 and Fight the boss.

Upon first sight the boss looks rather weak and will seem to die rather quickly, but do not be fooled.
After killing the first form the costume will tear open and out will spill mounds of disgusting trash, showing the bosses true form.
See the Boss Tactics page for tips on how to kill him.

Once he is dead your group will be teleported out, and if you're lucky you will receive an "Arcella's Stolen Bag". Return to Arcella in YT15 and say aloud "I have your stolen bag". she will take the bag from you and take a few moments so impatiently ask her "Are you done yet?" Or if this is not your First bag, Simply say "I have another stolen bag".

Keeping the Bag to yourself:

If you do not need or want any of the items you may open the bag for Ability and Experience.
Check out the Ability and Experience Boxes page for the amounts.

Received a gift from Arcella:

If you return Arcella's Stolen Bag she will reward you with a gift.
Check out the Treasure Boxes page to see what you could Receive!

Map of Yowien Territory

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