Hello and possibly welcome to Darkages! If you aren't new then you likely already know what to do.
If you are new then please read on. Darkages is an older game and it doesn't care at all about holding your hand.
Whilst there are many things that are still good in darkages it is still very easy to get lost or make poor decisions.
People are often helpful towards new players but it is still good to understand things on your own.

When you first create a character you will be sent to the Tutorial.
(Unless you don't log the character for a few hours, then it is automatically skipped)
If you are a new player I highly recommend doing the tutorial at least once on any character for the knowledge.

When you take your first steps in the tutorial you will get a popup and will be given an armor and some boots.
You can press "a" to access your inventory and then double click items to equip them

You can also press spacebar to perform a basic attack, try it! now try it whilst facing one of those little brown creatures!
You can click npcs to speak to them. Read carefully and take note of what they have say.

You may skip the tutorial by following the path to the exit.

Upon completing the Tutorial for the first time you will receive a pair of Boots, a Dirk, 5,000 experience, 1,000 coins, a Small Emerald Ring, a Small Spinel Ring, and a Shirt or Blouse depending on your gender.

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