Terror of the Garden

Walk around mileth Tavern until you catch the beggar's attention.
He has a horrific tale to tell if you are willing to spare him some gold. Spare him 1,000 coins, enough to live a month.

After the short story select "What do you mean by terror of sleep"?
Then "I'm ready, and do have two committed fellows here"
"I think I can take it, with my fellow's help."
and "I will. I am. Here are my companions."

He will then ask for the name of the second group member.

They will receive a popup where they must click "I am, and so are my companions." before typing the third group member's name.

If you are doing this quest as a duo they can type your name and you may begin. If you are doing this as a trio then the second group member must enter the name of the third group member.

Once the pact is complete he will tell you the location of his nightmare within the Enchanted Garden.

Head to the Enchanted Garden and make your way to (20,96) and walk towards (30,96). you will notice something the beggar had mentioned in his dreams and will be summoned inside the Seelie Ground. Slay the creature from the Beggar's nightmares and leave the Enchanted Garden.

Upon leaving you will be rewarded with the Legend Mark: "Slew Terror of the Garden (#)" and 25,000 Experience.

You may repeat this quest every 12 hours.

Note: You can only slay the terror of the alley, the garden OR the crypt.
Completing one means you won't be able to start the others.

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