Tauren Creant

There are no items required for this creant so you can get started right away by completing both of the stages below in either order.
I recommend bringing somebody with Maiden Trap or a Zombie Defender.

The Kelberoth and the Horn

Head to the Ice Caves in Mount Giragan 21 and enter the Kelberoth Ice Caves.

Once inside search all of the rooms for the stones and click them. (They will be a green square with the Tab map open)
The first letter of each stone's message will spell out "Kelberoth"

Head to Ice Caves 4 and say "Kelberoth" outloud when you are ready to summon the beast.

Kelberoth cannot be hit with most spells so I recommend killing it with Maiden Traps or a Zombie Defender.
If you have neither then bashing it is also possible but may take a while.

Note: Kelberoth can spawn Dire Wolves if afflicted with Paralyse, Poison or Sleep.

Killing Kelberoth will give you a Tauren Horn.

The Goblin General and the Nose Ring

Head to the Ice Caves in Mount Giragan 24 and enter the Goblin Ice Caves by speaking to the Goblin near the East.
Note: If you are in a monster form it can prevent getting the goblin disguise.

Once inside speak to the Goblin in 18 and he will tell you about a Key

Head to 16 and Speak to the other Goblin and he will remove your disguise and call for the Guards.
Two Guards will appear, Kill them both and the stronger of the two will drop the Throne Key.

Take the key back to the Goblin in 18 and he will give you a Goblin Hy-brasyl Gauntlet.

With the Key and the Gauntlet head to 22 (Becareful with the doors because your Key will be consumed upon entry).

Approach the Throne and the Goblin General will be summoned.

Unlike the Kelberoth the Goblin General can be hit with spells.

Killing the Goblin General will give you a Tauren Nose Ring.

Slaying the Tauren Creant

Now the only thing left to do is make your way to Mount Giragan 12.
Enter the ice caves on the southern wall andfollow the caves to the last room.
Walk next to the prison of ice and summon Tauren..

Tauren himself is not too difficult but he can spawn images of himself if afflicted with status effects.
Sleep traps, suain, beag suain and paralyze force will all work but are not recommended.
If you are with a priest you could have them keep the group dioned whilst the group attempts to surround the Tauren.

Once he is dead pick up his Hoof and return to the prison of ice.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Defeated the Tauren Creant" and a piece of equipment; (Warriors will be given the choice between a one-handed and a two-handed weapon.)
  Pure Subpath
Monk Only the Legend Mark Only the Legend Mark
Rogue Only the Legend Mark Only the Legend Mark
Map of Mount Giragan

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