Spare a Stick

Head to (13,68) Mileth Village and enter the Weapon shop.
Speak to Callough and click "Spare a Stick".

Note: You must have less than 1000 Coins to start or finish this quest.
Unregistered characters cannot drop gold. So you will need to trade it or bank it.

Make sure to select the "I'll gather them now" option or you won't be able to gather branches.

Head to the areas marked on the map and walk around to receive branches

Once you have the branches you can return to Callough, or grab a few more and gain a little extra Experience.

Talk to Callough about Spare a Stick again, but this time click "I have those branches, here".

You will receive a Stick, a Wooden Shield, and a total of 3,500 Experience.

Note: This quest has a chance for the legend mark "Loved by Mileth Mundanes".

You may wish to stockpile branches to make repeating the quest easier.
There is also a chance to receive an Oak Stick.

You may repeat this quest every 8 hours.

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