Shamensyth Creant

You can begin this quest by simply hunting the necessary materials.
Head to the Oren tower maze in Oren (36,50) and go inside.

Say "Enter Sewer Maze" out loud to Filippo and he will let you inside.

For each Blazing Wand you and your group wish to make you will need the following:
Item Obtained From Location(s)

2 Blue Shocker Cube

Blue Shocker
Oren Sewer Maze 11

1 Gold Shocker Cube

Gold Shocker
Oren Sewer Maze 11

1 Red Shocker Cube

Red Shocker
Oren Sewer Maze 9
300,000 Gold
All Shockers Oren Sewer Maze

Collecting the Shocker Cubes

Head to room 9 and kill Red Shockers until you have the correct number of Red Shocker Cubes.
Once you have enough head over to room 11 to hunt 2x Blue Shocker Cube and 1x Gold Shocker Cube for every Red Shocker Cube that you currently have. This will allow you to make an even number of staves.

Summoning the Jesters

(Note: Be careful not to F5 on the summoning portals because you may summon more Jesters than intended).

Once you have the total amount needed for each person enter Sewer Maze 12.
Walk onto the summoning portal to summon the Yellow/Blue Jester.
Kill him and he will drop the Lower Blazing Wand Piece.

Head back to Sewer Maze 8.
Walk onto the summoning portal to summon the Red/Blue Jester.
Kill him and he will drop the Upper Blazing Wand Piece.

If everything went as planned you should have an equal number of each Wand Half!

Repairing the Wand

Once your group has both halves of the Wand you may all leave.
Grab 300,000 Gold and make your way back to Nobis Village to repair the Wand.

Speak to Uliam inside the building at (50,25). Click "This broken staff." to combine the Pieces and make a Blazing Wand.

Slaying the Shamensyth Creant

Now the only thing left to do is make your way back through the Oren sewer maze to 14.
Walk onto the summoning portal and summon Shamensyth.

Shamensyth is probably the hardest hitting creant so you need to prevent it from dealing too much damage.
Sleep traps, suain, beag suain and paralyze force will all work fine.
If you are with a priest you could have them keep the group dioned to prevent the fiery meteors from hurting.

Once it is dead pick up it's Mask and return to the portal that you summoned it from.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Defeated the Shamensyth Creant" and a piece of equipment;
  Pure Subpath
Warrior Only the Legend Mark Only the Legend Mark
Map of Oren Sewer Maze

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