Religious Geas

Before starting this "Quest" you must first be part of a Religion
Please note that this quest involves interacting with other players and some players take religion less or more seriously than others. Results may vary so just keep trying!

To join a religion you must first find a Priest of your chosen religion.
You can identify them with the following Legend Mark;

Once you have found a priest ask them nicely if they can initiate you into their religion when they have a moment. Once you find somebody willing to help, make your way to their temple.

GodTemple LocationNecklace
Cail Undine
Ceannlaidir Piet
Deoch Suomi
Fiosachd Abel
Glioca Mileth
Gramail Loures
Luathas Rucesion
Sgrios Dubhaim Castle
When at the temple the priest will now be able to initiate you into the religion. Some religions have more strict roleplaying requirements, whereas others may just initiate you immediately. Some tasks you may need to complete before being initiated could include a test, a few basic questions, or items named after their god's enemies.

When they send you the popup simply click "I enter [religion] Fellowship to join.
You will receive a prayer necklace and a prayer spell.

Similar to the initiation process, some priests may ask for you to complete some tasks before they grant you geas.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Completed religious geas for *name*" and 100,000 Experience.

Check out these guides for more information on religion and religious ranks.

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