Head to Piet and enter the x at (x,y) and speak to Narve.
Talk to Narve the Priestess in Piet (30,55). There are three sisters that you'll be asked to see one of: Ana, Macha, and Madb. Ana - Goddess of Magic - form of wolf or of a wild heifer Macha - Goddess of Battle - form of a crow Madb - Great fury - form of a carrion-crow or wolf Go to the Enchanted Garden and wait for a pop up. Sing the Song of Morrigu and be sent to the dreamworld. Walk into the large red roses for the next legend pop up. "In the twentieth glade of the woodlands, at the crossroads is a large tree. Stand south of there" - Ana. Eight Temuairan hours to do so. Ana: EW 20, near center tree Return to the Enchanted Garden and towards the center tree once more to sing the song of Morigu: Black crow, over the flower Follow the river flow. The washer at the ford sours the clothes with blood's flow. Battle-bound warriors pass by As tattered leaves fall. You wash the garb with lye of those about to fall. *collapses* *dreams of Morrigu* Awarded: 3750000 experience Gossamyr dress

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