Pravat Quests

The Grimlok and Goblins of Pravat Cave are locked in battle over a holy artifact. ("The Conix of avatism" or "The calling stone") If you enter without an alliance both factions will attack you. If you choose to ally with one you will face less dangerous numbers. After choosing an alliance you may not change for three temuairan days (9 hours).

Head to pravat cave and speak to Evan at (25,16) if you wish to choose an alliance.
Please note that choosing a faction or attacking one of it's members will effect which of the quest mundanes will speak to you. This is not permanent and can be fixed by waiting. (or killing 10 different kinds of creature.)

Goblin Alliance:

You can find Bahadir by heading to Pravat West Entrance at (11,19).
He will not speak to you if you have killed any goblins.

Grimlok Alliance

You can find Phailin by heading to Pravat Shallow at (35,14) and then entering Pravat Heart at (49,33). She will not speak to you if you have killed any grimlok.

Both mundanes will offer the following quests;

I offer my Allegiance.

You will receive a new Alliance buff.

I offer my gems.

You will receive 500 experience for each Flawed or Finished gem you donate.

I offer my deity's item.

You will receive 5,000 experience for each of your gods items you donate.

I offer a Stone fragment.

You will receive 10,000 experience for each conix stone you donate.

I slew enemies of the [faction].

You will receive between 2,000 and 5,000 experience for each type of enemy you have slain.

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