Porte Forest

Head to Torbjorn in the Soumi weapon shop at 11,54. Say "Porte Forest" aloud.
He will ask you to bring 4 Treant Roots in exchange for information.

Hunting Treant Roots

Go back outside and cross the bridge at 97,24 to enter the Porte Forest waiting room.
Head deeper into Porte Forest until you start to find Treants.
Kill them until you have 4 Treant Roots for each group member.

Other Things you may need

If none of your group have a Silver Wolf Leather I suggest hunting the Silver Wolves until you have 5 of their Manes.
You can find them in 4L 4C and 4R.

You may also find Giant Ants. Each of their wings you hunt will absorb one trap in the Porte trap room.
If you plan on doing this quest with less than three people you will need 6 wings per person.


When you reach your target number of roots and manes head back to Torbjorn and say "Porte Forest" again.
He will take the Roots an tell you where he last saw the Turuc Pendant.

If your group is making a Silver Wolf Leather head to Bertil in the White Magic Master at 15,86 and say "Skin".
Give the skin to the person who will be Tanking or Bashing.

Head back to the bridge at 94,24 and enter Porte Forest again.
Make your way to 4R then walk to 11,25 and you will find the Turuc Pendant.

Note: Ant Wings and Silver Fur can still drop after you receive the pendant.

The Trap Room & the Giant Mantis

With the Turuc Pendants in hand head to 4C and head north into the trap room.
Make sure each member has at least 6 reds before proceeding.

Form a line and take it slow. If somebody skulls make sure to red them before continuing up the path.
Near the middle there are two traps right next to eachother so you will need to be quick.
When you reach the end enter the next room and let your group's Health and Mana regenerate.

When you are ready to fight have one person enter the next room and the group will be summoned in.
The Giant Mantis will immediately appear and after a few seconds become hostile.
Have the person with the Silver Wolf Leather take it's attention and kill it in any way your group can.
The Giant Mantis can be fassed and cradhed so the Tank should use a dark necklace.

Once the Mantis is dead you will be teleported into a cave with the daughter of porte forest.
Click her and listen to her story and she will give you a Tristar Ring before teleporting you to the safe house.


You will receive a Tristar Ring and the Legend Mark: "Saved daughter of Porte Forest"

You may to speak to the Father in the safe room and give him the ring for an extra reward of the Legend Mark: "Eased the suffering of Porte Forest". and 1,000,000 Experience. If you later decide to give him the ring you can always walk back to this building in 3-C (as long as you can still enter Porte Forest).

Map of Porte Forest

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