Pirate Slayer

Head to Oren Island City and speak to Baldo in the Oren Sewers Entrance at (56,128).
When he asks if you care to help click "Yes".

He will ask you to kill 3 Pirates in Oren Island City.

Exit the Oren Sewers Entrance.
Wander around Oren Island City and kill any 3 Pirates.
You can also find them in the ruins to the north (68,0)

Once you have killed 3 pirates return to Baldo at the Oren Sewers Entrance.

You will receive the stacking Legend Mark: "Has Defeated # of Oren's Pirates"

You will receive additional rewards when you reach 9 and 18 pirate kills.
Pirates Male Female
9 Black Pirate Bandana Black Pirate Scarf
18 Pirate Garb Pirate Dress

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