Before starting you will need a group consisting of all 5 classes.
Whilst the group is forming you should kill Zombies in House Macabre until they have 2x Zombi Flesh.
This quest has a 3 hour deadline but should only take around 20 minutes.
Everybody will need full labor in order to sign the pact.

The Pact

Have all 5 players meet up and form a group for easier communication, then all head to Loures Library.

If you wish to form the pact elsewhere in the future you may Memorize the Pentagram Grimoire at (6,9).
Note that Pentagram Grimoire costs labor to memorize.

One player needs to walk to (6,4) to find the tome which will initiate the pact. When asked if you dare to open it click "Open the Tome" then "Gather five aislings and sign the pact". You will be then asked to type the name of each group member one by one. They must accept by clicking "Sign the Pact" before you can type the next name. Once all the names are entered the pact will be complete.

The Ritual

Head to House Macabre Yard 1 and make your way to the house furthest north at (8,8).
Make sure your group has 2 Zombi Flesh before continuing.

Once inside the house head to 1,13 to enter the Pentagram Room.

Stand on the Skulls as shown below.
(Warrior at 12:00. Rogue at 3:00. Priest at 5:00. Wizard at 7:00 and Monk at 9:00.)

The Wizard will begin the Ritual by dropping one of the Zombi Flesh 2 tiles North, (on 7,16).

Each player must then move two skulls Clockwise.
(Wizard at 12:00. Monk at 3:00. Warrior at 5:00. Rogue at 7:00 and Priest at 9:00)

Each player will receive a popup. click "Call up the (monster)" and read through the messages.
After a few windows click "Where is the (area)?" and you will receive a final popup.
Write down this information and mail/whisper it to the player that was on your current tile before the rotation.
Take care during this part as incorrect directions will easily fail the quest.

Finding your Location

Translating your clue is relatively easy. If your clue was "Hidden behind Parchment and Vials within the second cellar of the third study" Then it could be refering to a desk in House Macabre Yard 3, in the second cellar (3-2).

If you receive any other popups on your way that are not related to your clue make sure to close them. If you are searching for copper pipes and receive a popup with none in sight then it's the wrong one. Close it!
When you find your clue click "Call up the (monster)" and read through the messages untill you reach the end. you do not need to write down this second clue.

Finishing up

Once each group member has found their clue they should head back to the Pentagram Room and take their original spot.

Weaker groups should buff themselves with fas and aite before continuing.

When all 5 are back the Wizard needs to drop another Zombi Flesh 2 tiles North, (on 7,16).

If nobody messed up whilst finding their clue then a monster from Cthonic Remains will be summoned.

Simply kill the creature and return to your original again.

The Wizard needs to pick up the Zombi Flesh and drop it 2 tiles North one last time.

Each player will receive 2,500,000 Experience, their Pentagram Armor & Hat, and an Altar Candle.
Warrior Wizard Priest Monk Rogue

Map of House Macabre

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