Pattern Walker

Head to Abel Port and enter the Abel Combat Skill Master at (44,49).

Speak to Bodil.
Click "Pattern Walker Legend", "Where should I go to?". He will tell you about the Pattern Walker and tell you where to go next;

You might be tough enough to survive what the Aosdic Pattern Walker faced. About twenty thousand years ago, Aosda existed. The Pattern Walker guarded Aosda's slaves. The Aosdic people were never seen by the Pattern Walker, but it was his duty to guard the slaves. He did so by walking the perimeter of an Aosda city-state. The foes he faced were inhuman horror. He often had to follow careful Aosdic patterns in order to avoid being destroyed by one of the creatures or by slipping into another world. The unholy creatures still threaten the borders of mankind. No one has seen Aosda for a long time, but plenty have been eaten by some creatures that have existed during Aosdic civilization.

You will be instructed to head to Temple of Choosing. Speak to Aoife, Click "Guide Reception", "Yes" and then make your way to Path Temple 1.

Walk to (2,3) and you will get a notification saying "You notice the etching of the Pattern Walker"
Click "*reads etching*", "Aosda's walls survive", "the test of abominations", "by the Pattern Walker's", "diligence", "By the circle of abomination", "we drain the slave's soul.", "Pattern Walker, let none", "take away Aosda's slaves", "*breathes deeply*", "*dreams of Pattern Walker*". You will enter the Nightmare.

Inside the nightmare enter the middle of the circle. You will have a vision of the pattern walker and the horror they face.
Take note of the creature mentioned. (It will be a Gog, Polyp or Night Gaunt)
Click "Wake" to leave the dream. You will be teleported to your home.

You must now walk the triangle and defeat one of the threats to Aosda that still live within temuair;
Dubhaim Castle North 6-1, northern braizer. (6,20)
Piet Dungeon 16-2, the rock south of the passage. (14,1)
Abel Dungeon 10-1, the rock north of the passage. (1,10)
You may walk them in any order, but you must reach all within 3 hours.

You must also kill the creature mentioned earlier;
Defeat a Gog whilst in 16-2.
Defeat a Polyp whilst in Abel 10-1.
Defeat a Night Gaunt whilst in Dubhaim Castle North 6-1.

Once you have walked the triangle and defeated your creature return to the Nightmare in the same location as before.

Enter the circle again and click "I will don the Pattern Walker" and then "Wake".

You will receive an Aosdic Pattern Walker, 3,000,000 Experience and the Legend Mark: "Pattern Walker of (Element)".

The element depends on which monster you had to kill;
Gog: Sea
Polyp: Earth
Night Gaunt: Night

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