Oren Jungle Armory

Head to Oren Island City and enter Oren Island Path at (30,0).
Make your way to Oren Jungle 10.
(Map of Oren Jungle)

Walk to (25,11) and attempt to enter the house.
A note will tell you to kill some monsters before you can enter.

Kill one of each type of monster in the surrounding area

Once you have killed one of each monster enter the house again.

You will receive 100,000 Experience.

Speak to Violet at (2,4) to purchase oren level 97 armors.

  Male Female Price
Wizard Oren Duin-uasal
Oren Clamyth
Priest Oren Dalmatica
Oren Bangasgart
Monk Oren Mountain Garb
Oren Sea Garb
Rogue Oren Bardocle
Oren Kagum

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