Recovered the Obsidian

The Searching

To start this quest you will need a Demon Lord's Notes.
You can obtain these from Eingren Manor or purchase them from another player.

Begin by heading to Suomi and reading the Demon Lord's Notes.
Start walking around the town. (Aim to cover every single tile, hopefully it won't take that much)

You will receive a popup saying you found a strange box.

To open the Odd Puzzle Box you will need to have at least 130 intellect.
(You can also hand it to somebody you trust and they can open it for you)

Inside the puzzle box will be piece of Folded Parchment.

Before the note crumbles into dust in the wind it directs you to Tagor Church.

Head to Tagor Village and enter the church at 65,29.

Walk to the Eastern corner and onto 16,1.
Pry up the floorboards and Descend the staircase

The Gathering

Speak to Garamon and click "What is this place?" and then "No, please continue.."
He explains the corridor ahead is trapped and asks you to assist. Click "Yes, certainly!"

He will ask for a random selection of the following items:
2x Finished Ruby
Empty Bottle
Parchment Scroll

After you gather the requested items he will ask for an Eleven foot pole.
Click "Why an eleven foot pole?" and he will tell you where you can find one.

Go up the stairs and exit the church.

Head to Suomi Village and enter the Cherry farm at 15,72.

Speak to Goran and click "Eleven foot pole". He will tell you to return in 3 days.

You've been tricked

After 3 days have passed return to the farm and collect the Eleven foot pole.
Head back to Garamon in the basement of Tagor Church

You will notice that Garamon is no longer there and the door has already been opened.

When you enter you will be confronted by a demon.
Chase the demon down the corridor and he will pick up the Obsidian.

Kill the demon and pick up the Obsidian and escape before the room colapses.
Note: The demon is quite strong so you may need fas, aite, and some healing potions.

You will receive an additional Obsidian and the Legend Mark: "Recovered the Obsidian"

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