Mother's Love

Head to one of the mundanes from below and click "Mother's Love"
Note: They all offer the same quest and only one can be done per day.

Mundane Room Entrance
Oona Mileth Restaurant Mileth Vilage
Aud Abel Restaurant Abel Port
Alleen Piet Restaurant Piet Village
Damara Undine Restaurant Undine Village
Viveka Soumi Tavern Soumi Village
Runa Abel Inn Abel Port

You will be given one of three afflictions:

Affliction Potion Required
My daughter is very ill.
Please find a potion to restore her strength.
Perhaps an Aisling herbalist can help you.
Hydele deum

My daughter was bitten by a terrible viper of the garden.
Please find a potion that can cure this.
Perhaps an Aisling herbalist can help you.

Personaca deum
My daughter's nightmares grow worse each night.
Perhaps an Aisling herbalist can help you .
Betony deum

Have a Herbalist craft the potion for you. It will cost 1x Wine.

Return to the mundane and click "I think I have something"

You will receive Royal Honey, a Chance of a Flower and 4,000 - 75,000 Experience

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