Head to Piet Village and enter the White Magic Master at (29,55)
(Map of East Woodlands)

Speak to Narve.
Click "Morrigu Legend", "Where should I go to?", She will tell you what he knows about morrigu and where to go next;

Morrigu was the ancient tripple goddess. It has been thousands of years since she was openly worshipped. She is a Tuatha De Danaan, and rumored to be a dark queen of the Faeries. She flew over the battlefield of the second battle of Moy Tura. She is three sisters: Ana, Macha and Madb. They are the fates and harvesters of battle. Sometimes one of the Morrigu is seen by a river before battle by a warrior. She washes the garments or arms of the warrior that will die in the battle.

You will be instructed to head to The Enchanted Garden (50,51) in East Woodlands.
You will get a notification saying "You notice the red red flowers"
Click "*Sings Song of Morrigu*", "Black crow, over the flower", "follow the river flow.", "The washer at the ford sours", "the clothes with blood's flow.", "Battle-bound warriors pass by", "As tattered leaves fall.", "You wash the garb with Iye", "of those about to fall.", "*collapses*", "*dreams of Morrigu*". You will enter the Nightmare.

Inside the Nightmare approach the red flowers. You will have a vision of Morrigu and a location. Take note of the location. (Mine was Piet Crypt 9-1)
Click "Wake" to leave the nightmare. You will be teleported to your home.

You must now visit the location mentioned earlier;
East Woodland 18: (23,20)
Piet Crypt 9-1: (21,24)
East Woodland 20: (??,??)

Once you have visited the location return to the Nightmare using the same method as before.

Approach the red flowers again and click "I will wear the dress of Morrigu" and then "Wake".

You will receive a Morrigu Pellison, 3,000,000 Experience and the Legend Mark: "Dreamed of (Goddess)".

The goddess depends on which location you had to visit;
East Woodland 18: Madb
Piet Crypt 9-1: Macha
East Woodland 20: Ana

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