Medusa Creant

You begin this quest at Nobis Village. To reach the Village head to Oren Island City (70,3) and enter the ruins.
In Oren Island Ruins head to (29,22) and when you reach the door say "Welcome Aisling" to be teleported inside.

Move north and into the portal, then head west and across the log bridge into Nobis Village.

Speak to Lalerid inside the Storage Building (44,25) and Purchase a Shovel for 1,500 Gold.
You can also speak to Brilann in the Tavern if you wish to learn more about the story.

Bone Digging on the First Floor

First you must collect all 9 of the Copar Draco Bones.
You can find them by equipping a Shovel and standing at the correct coordinates on the following maps.
Map of Oren Ruins 1

Item Map Coordinates

1-7 (48, 60)

1-8 (57, 22)

1-9 (36, 51)

1-12 (83, 28)

1-13 (33, 37)

1-14 (63, 62)

1-17 (25, 41)

1-18 (15, 32)

1-19 (62, 15)

Eye Hunting on the Second Floor

Once you have all 9 of the bones head to the second floor.

Head to Altar 3 in 2-16 and summon the Copar Draco.
Summoning it will consume the bones, and killing it give you a Ruby Eye; The first of six eyes.

Head to Altar 4 in 2-10 and summon the Lava Golem.
Summoning it will require a Ruby Eye, and killing it will give you a Sapphire Eye.

Eye Hunting on the Third Floor

Now that you have the first two eyes you can continue to the third floor.

Head to Altar 2 in 3-16 and summon the Fire Drake.
Summoning it will require a Sapphire Eye, killing it will give you an Emerald Eye

Head to Altar 1 and 3-10 and summon the Hydra.
Summoning it will require an Emerald Eye.
K illing each of the three heads will give you an Iron Ore Eye, an Orange Beryl Eye, and a Diamond Eye.

With all six of the eyes now in hand, you will need to obtain a Half Talisman.
They drop from Ruidhtears or you can buy them from players who frequently hunt here.

Once all of your group have a Half Talisman you can leave.

Shorts, Sarongs and Pearls

Each of your group will need to find a Giant Pearl.

To find one you must stand at the correct coordinates whilst wearing a Bathing Garment.
For the Coordinates please check out the Lynith Beach Page.

Repairing the Talisman

Return to Nobis Village.
Speak to Lalerid inside the Storage Building (44,25).
Click "Half Talisman" to buy the second half of the talisman for 500,000 Gold.

Leave and enter the building nextdoor (50,25).
Uliam will repair the Broken Talisman, Insert the Eyes, and Insert the Pearl for a small fee.

Slaying the Medusa Creant

Now the only thing left to do is make your way back to floor 3 and enter 3-2.
Fight your way through the vipers to the summoning portal and summon Medusa.

Medusa is possibly the easiest creant. She occasionally hurts so you need to prevent her from dealing too much damage.
Sleep traps, suain, beag suain and paralyze force will all work fine.
If you are with a priest you could have them keep the group dioned to prevent the gar spells from hurting.

Once it is dead pick up her Tail and return to the portal that you summoned her from.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Defeated the Medusa Creant" and a piece of equipment;

  Pure Subpath
Priest Only the Legend Mark Only the Legend Mark

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