Lost Ruins Grimes

Head to Asilon Town and enter the Potion Shop at (12,50)
Speak to Braishi and click "Grime Population".
He will tell you about the Grime population that is ruining the area.
When he asks if you would like to help click "Yes, I definitely agree!", and "What's the catch?".

He will ask you to kill 40 Grimes.

Make your way to Lost Ruins 1 from the Medenia world map.

Walk to 0,74 and enter Lost Ruins 2.

Walk through the grass and around the trees until you see a Grime.
Simply kill 40 of them. You can have them spawn extras if you are feeling brave.
(If you weaken one to red it will create 2 additional Grime)

Once you have killed 40 Grimes return to Braishi.

You will receive 50,000,000 Experience and 50,000 Ability.

This quest can be repeated every 7 days.

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