Lady Phoenix Creant

It is best to begin this quest by collecting the necessary materials.

For each Phoenix Set you and your group wish to make you will need the following:
1 Cherry
1 Grape
1 Green Grape
3 Mantis's Eye
1 Papaya
1 Passion Flower
1 Rambutan
2 Tangeines
1 Tentacle.

Gathering the Materials

If you are doing this part as a group I suggest splitting up to make the gathering quicker.

If you don't already have Rambutan and Passion flowers you will need the stronger members of the group to go hunt them.

Item Obtained From Location(s)

1 Cherry

Suomi Cherry Farm (16,72)

1 Grape

Suomi Grape Farm (62,41)

1 Green Grape

Shinewood Forest 9-11

3 Mantis's Eye

East Woodlands 1-6
Shinewood Forest 7-11

1 Papaya

Shinewood Forest 9-11

2 Tangerines

Forest Centipede
Shinewood Forest 9-11

1 Passion Flower

Gold Beetalic
Shinewood Forest 19+

1 Rambutan

Shinewood Mantis
Shinewood Forest 14+

1 Tentacle

Purple Octopuss
Or Pirate Ship
Lynith Sea

The Dragon and the Sword

Go to Mileth Tavern (70,54) and speak to Theradus.

In exchange for a Tentacle he will tell you about a Dragon that he believes to live in Shinewood Forest.

Head to Shinewood Forest room 8 and open your [Tab] map. You should clearly see an image of a dragon.
Stand in the "Eye" to summon the Dragon.

As this quest is designed for a level 20 you should be able to slay it with great ease and it will drop a Dragon Scale Sword.

The Giant Ant and the Red Mantis

This part can either be done by the whole group, or a single person with Invisibility,

You will need to walk to Shinewood Forest 34, open your [Tab] map again, and stand in the head of the Ant to receive a popup.
Then head to Shinewood Forest 27 and do the same with the head of the Mantis.

Once you have witnessed both creatures head back to Shinewood Forest 17 and enter the hut.

Note: You must have witnessed the creatures to create the potions.
( If you only had one person do this you will need to hand the items to that person and have them make the potions multiple times).

Say "Giant Ant", then "I have the Fruits" and the mundane will turn most of the fruit into a Sweet Potion.
Say "Red Mantis", then "I have the mantis stuff" to turn the remainder of the items into a Passion Potion.

Killing, Killing and Killing

Head back to Shinewood Forest 27 and return to the head of the Mantis, drop the Passion Potion on the same tile as the popup and it will lure out the Red Mantis.
Kill the mantis using Light attacks and it will drop a Mantis Claw.

Head to Shinewood Forest 34 and return to the head of the Ant, drop the Sweet Potion on the same tile as the popup and it will lure out the Giant Ant.
Kill the ant with Light attacks and it will drop a Ant Head.

Lastly make your way to Shinewood Forest 31 and head to the North Corner.

Equip your Dragon Scale Sword one at a time, click the stone and select the "Attack" option.

Use Light attacks to kill the Dragon 3 times (once for each of it's heads) and it will drop a Lady Phoenix Claw.

Finishing Up

Return to Shinewood Forest 30 and enter the hut in the centre. Say "Creant", "I have the Head" and then "I have the Claw" to Codus.

He will exchange the Claw and the Head for a Lady Phoenix Ring and a Lady Phoenix Feather.

Slaying the Lady Phoenix Creant

Now the only thing left to do is make your way to Shinewood Forest 35.
Walk onto the altar at (36,38) and summon Lady Phoenix.

Lady Phoenix herself doesn't deal amazing damage but there may be stray creatures that will join the fight.
She is capable of casting Wings of Protection (invincibility) and gar damage spells.
Sleep traps, suain, beag suain and paralyze force will all work fine and will prevent her from casting spells.

Once she is dead pick up her Helmet and return to the alter that you summoned her from.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Defeated the Lady Phoenix Creant" and a piece of equipment;

  Pure Subpath
Wizard Only the Legend Mark Only the Legend Mark
Map of Shinewood Forest

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