From the Heart

(To do this quest you will need to be registered)
You will also need either a partner or a Conix Stone.

Head to the Jail in Loures Castle's Underground Jail, and speak to Marlin at (19,4).
(Map of Loures Castle)

Click "From the Heart", "Who is Bella?" and "I will tell the message to Bella".

Head upstairs, past the throne room and speak to Jean the Councillor.

Make sure to click all of the following;
"Cycle of Becoming"
"Theology of the Conjunction"
"Where is Bella?"
"What did she say?"
"Please tell me more"
"Do you love Bella?"
"Would you release Marlin?"
(Avoid clicking "Even if it would damn others")

Head to Bella's favorite spot in Enchanted Garden (80,7).
You will get a message about Bella's red scarf. When asked what you wish to do select "Wait.".

Nothing will happen. You will be asked if you wish to set down some Faerie Wine (Beothaich Deum) click "Yes".

A Faerie will appear. click the following;
"Have you seen bella?"
"Where is she now?"
The Faerie will blurt out with "Dark beating wings clutched her and carried her off!" before quickly escaping.

Head back to Marlin in his cell and click "From the Heart", "I found a faerie in the garden who said ...", "How can I help you?", "I think I can do it" and "I'll tell her". He will give you a new task and an additional message to deliver to Bella. Head to the Bedroom by the resturant and approach the beds (Head back two rooms, then head left instead of down). You will feel a large pulse move beneath the dark stone. Click "Feel it" you will be teleported into the dark maze.

The maze consists of 4 rooms, walk around the doors of each room until you get another popup regarding the stone. Don't be worried if you are unable to find your partner as there are four different mazes for various levels. Touch the stone again to be teleported into the Heart of Stone. From here you have two choices;

Heart of Fire & Moon

Decide who is going to be heart of Fire and have them stand at (5,5) to receive a popup. Click "Conjunction of the Flame & the Moon" and type the name of your partner, the Moon. The Moon may stand anywhere but the Flame must step into the circle to begin the ceremony. Simply click any of the options on the popups besides *cough* (you'll have to start the ceremony ove)r. After 10 or so popups each the ceremony will be complete.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Small Heart of (Fire/Moon) with (Name)" and some Experience.

Heart of Stone

If you have no partner you can do Heart of Stone alone. Click "Heart of Stone", "I am sure"
This will require 1 Conix Stone. You can recieve these from players or from Conix Lore.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Heart of Stone" and some Experience

The Experience varies depending on level.
Level 25 Fire = 800,000 experience
Level 25 Moon = 450,000 Experience

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