Lured out the Fire Serpent

Speak to Jaryn at 46,56 in Lost Ruins 1 and will tell you about a Fire Serpent.
When he asks if you have seen the serpent yet click "No, not yet...".
When he asks if you are up for the task click "Sounds like fun!".

He will tell you that to lure out the serpent you'll need to collect 20 of her baby worms.
Head to Lost Ruins 5. The entrance is at the north corner of Lost Ruins 1.

Kill Fire Worms until each group member has 20 Stunned Fire Worm.

Enter the trail at 97,36 and follow it till you reach 58,49.
You will be teleported into the Worm's Lair

Walk to 13,15 to summon the Fire Serpent (Boss Tactics)
Once the Serpent is dead you will be teleported back to Lost Ruins 5.

Head back to Jaryn and show him the Fire Serpent Skin.

You will Receive the Legend Mark "Lured Fire Serpent Out - 1"

You may speak to him again later to Craft Fire Serpent Boots.

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