Reforged Eclipse

The Searching

To start this quest you will need a Demon Lord's Notes.
You can obtain these from Eingren Manor or purchase them from another player.

Begin by heading to Chaos 1 and reading the Demon Lord's Notes.
Start walking around the map. (Aim to cover every single tile, hopefully it won't take that much)

You will receive a popup saying you found a Brittle Blade.

It is currently too brittle to be used.

Head to Suomi Village and enter the Weapon Shop at (11,54).
Speak to Torbjorn. Click "Strange Blade"
He will ask to look at it. Click "Yes"
He will ask you to wait a week whilst he studies the blade.

The Forging

After a week has passed return to Torbjorn.
Click "Strange Blade" again.
He tells you that the blade was once wielded by Lord Tenes, and was used in a battle that created "the legend of the eclipse at dooreymagh", where it is said the blade forced the moon infront of the sun, darkening the sky. At some point he lost Eclipse and it wound up in your hands.

"How do you know all this about Eclipse?"
He tells you his assistant, Pater, did most of the research at Loures Library. How else would he have gotten such specific information?

To reforge the blade he will require wood for the furnace and a dark mineral polished to a finish;
100x Finished Talgonite
30x Trent Root

Repeatedly clicking "Strange Blade" will give him any Roots or Talgonite you have in your inventory.

Once you have given him enough he will take the blade again and ask you to wait another week.

You've been tricked

After a week has passed return to Torbjorn.

Click "Strange Blade".
He will tell you the blade is complete and Pater is polishing it in the basement. He allows you to go down and get it from him.
Click "Excellent! Show me the way!"

Walk to (2,1) to enter the Basement.

You overhear Pater telling his master that he has found Eclipse, and a demonic voice whisper "I sense another presence"
He will then attempt to kill you.
At 10% health he will turn into his true demon form.

He attacks with poison and blind.
Kill the demon and grab Eclipse out of the chest.

You will receive Eclipse and the Legend Mark: "Reforged Eclipse"

You can speak to Torbjorn again to tell him what happened to Pater.
You may tell the truth, lie, or remain silent.

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