Head to Asilon Home at 24,26 and speak to Cruvano. He will tell you he is sad and does not wish to talk.
Click "What is wrong? I want to help?". He will explain that his Fiance has been turned into a Mudling by an evil sorcerer named Darni.

After listening to his story leave the building and you will receive a Mysterious Book.

Speak to Jelos at 28,40. He will take a look and have an attempt at translating: "In Noam... Dioram... potion that gives life.. become lifeless..." "Ease the stones" "Green in color... you will see powder in it..."

Head to Noam and speak to Kabok at 45,62. Though reluctant he talks about the Dioram and it's potent and deadly properties. He assumes this is why the Lorais incident happened in Asilon. He tells you the arcane ritual you must perform to purify the Dioram.

You will need to take a Fox Rib and drop it next to each of the stones at Noam Plains 5, 9 and 13.
(You can find Red Fox in Noam Plains 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.)

When you receive the Dioram take it back to Cruvano so he can apply it to his Fiance.

You will receive Ability and the Legend Mark: "Found Dioram #"
(You will receive 1,000 Ability the first time. The reward halves each time you complete the quest)

This Quest can be repeated 6 times.

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