Desert Dunes


Before starting you will need a Breath Ring.
You will also need 1 Wind Stone and 1 Aqua Stone from Andor.

Note: This quest has 4 level brackets. (5-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31+)
There are certain rooms where you will only see players from the same bracket as you.

Filling Ice Bottles:

Head to Fire Canyon 1. You can find the door at (98,48) in Hwarone City.
In Fire Canyon 1 head to (38,0) and enter Desert Dunes 2.

You will need to hunt Empty Ice Bottles from the creatures here.

Once you have at least one bottle for each group member head to 54,50.
Make sure you have a Breath Ring equipped and you will be teleported to the Oasis.

To fill the bottle you must physically drop it into the oasis.
When all the bottles are filled head back into the Desert using the portals at the bottom of the map.

The Pyramid:

From Desert Dunes 2 head to (15,0) and enter Desert Dunes 1.
In Desert Dunes 1 head to (66,54).
Make sure you have an Ice Bottle active and you will climb the stairs and enter the Pyramid.

The Maze and the Elementals:

(Note: If you disconnect or relog whilst inside the Pyramid you will be sent to the entrance.)
You cannot scroll out of these areas, and if you log off for 2 hours you won't be sent home.
In the Pyramid Maze navigate to the portal at the centre of the room (46,43).

At the portal you will be able to choose from 4 elemental rooms, the path, and the desert.
Before you can advance down The Path you must first collect a gem from each of the Elemental Rooms.

Map Guard Abilities Portal Location Drops
Pyramid Fire Maze Fire Guard
Dark Seal
srad seis
srad seid
ao sith self
Health and Mana cup at 30% hp
Pyramid Earth Maze Earth Guard
Dark Seal
ao sith self
Health and Mana cup at 30% hp
Pyramid Wind Maze Wind Guard
Dark Seal
ao sith self
Health and Mana cup at 30% hp
Pyramid Water Maze Water Guard
Dark Seal
srad seid
srad seis
ao sith self
Health and Mana cup at 30% hp
Once you have one of each gem you may select "The Path" from the portal.
Follow the arrow to jump across each platform. At the end of the path your stones will be consumed.


You will receive one of the following:
Earth Pebble Necklace (Ability 5-10)
Wind Sand Necklace (Ability 11-20)
Fire Molten Necklace (Ability 21-30)
Omni Necklace Ability (Ability 30+)

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