Demon Skulls

To participate in this quest you will need to board the boat to Medenia.
You can buy tickets from Quard at (20,30) Loures Harbor one hour prior to the boat departing.

Once onboard speak to Anara about "Captain Birad" and click "I heard rumors about this ship being haunted ".
Then head below deck and wait for the boat to leave.

There must be at least one player below the deck when the boat leaves for the ghost of the captain's daughter to appear and summon the first of the demon pirates. She will only appear for a few seconds until she has summoned the pirates then she will disappear. You must leave one of each type of pirate alive for them to continue spawning more.

Creature Drops
Demon Pirate
Demon Skull 1
Demon Pirate
Demon Skull 2
Demon Pirate
Demon Skull 3

Once you have one of each head back to Anara and click "I have the Skulls"
You will receive a Sea Cap if you are male or a Sea Band if you are female.

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