Discovered the Dark Ring

The Searching

To start this quest you will need a Demon Lord's Notes.
You can obtain these from Eingren Manor or purchase them from another player.

Begin by heading to Tagor and reading the Demon Lord's Notes.
Start walking around the town. (Aim to cover every single tile, hopefully it won't take that much)

You will receive a popup saying you found an Old Journal.

The remaining readable pages are written in an unrecognizable language.

Head to Loures Castle and make your way to Loures Library.
(Map of Loures Castle)

Translating the Journal

Speak to Blaise at (9,11)
Click "Strange Old Journal"
He doesn't have the time to help but recommends a skilled librarian that came to them from Medenia.
He offers to take you to the old librarian's office.
Click "Yes, take me to the old librarian's office"

Speak to Old Librarian at 3,9.
He asks why you are there but interupts himself by asking to see the book.
it is the journal of a necromancer, and is written in a long abandoned code.
He asks if he can study the book for two doublemoon. Click "Yes."

He will ask you to return to Blaise in two weeks.

Crafting the Ring

Once two weeks have passed return to the Librarian.
He will mention a powerful ring and suggests that you craft it.

Head to Oren Island City and enter the Jewelry Shop at 88,117.
Alane will ask for a Dark Necklace, a Dark Belt, and some gold to craft the ring.

Return in 5 days to receive an Inactive Dark Ring. (Even though the quest says 2)

It's unequippable and looks like a gauntlet. Take it back to the Librarian so he can investigate.

You've been tricked

The Librarian will convert the inactive ring into a Dark Ring and claim it as his own.
He will then reveal his true intentions and attempt to kill you.

He attacks with assail, pramh, mor srad/athar, ard sal gar and ard cradh. He can also ao sith, drain mana and armachd himself.
At 50% health he will turn into his true demon form.

Kill the demon and pick up the Dark Ring and the Dark Ring Spell.

You will also receive the Legend Mark: "Discovered the Dark Ring"

Note: If you are unable to exit double check you have the Legend Mark, the ring, and the trinket before scrolling out.

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