Cursed Home

Head to Hwarone City and enter the Inn at 23,46.
To enter Hwarone you will need to do the Hwarone Entrance Quest.

Speak to Cheung and click "The Cursed Home". She will talk about the Cursed Home on the outskirts of Hwarone.
The home was owned by an aspiring mage named Guaili and there are rumors that he is still inside.

She will ask you to go check out the Home.
Leave the Inn and enter the Cursed Home at 7,68.

You can skip right through this floor.
Proceed to floor 2 at 6,30.

On floor 2 you must kill 10 Cursed Rat and 10 Cursed Dog.
Once your group has the kills Proceed to floor 3 at 3,3.

On floor 3 you will notice several rooms. Your group must clear two of them.
Once you have cleared two rooms Proceed to floor 4 at 25,48.

On floor 4 make sure the group is aited and proceed to the boss room at 6,12.

Kill the boss. (Boss Tactics)
You will be teleported out of the Cursed Home.
Once you have killed him return to Cheung at the inn.

You will receive 100,000 Ability

(This quest is repeatable every 2 weeks.)

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