Cthonic Disciple

Note: The legend mark you receive will depend on the day.
Use Nis to find out the current day and begin the quest on that day.
Sgrios (Death) = 8, 16, 24
Following day (Decay) = 9, 17, 25
Luathas (Dawn) = 4, 12, 20

Head to Mileth Village and enter the Path Reception at (93,12)

Speak to Gregory.
Click "Where should I go to?" He will tell you what he knows about the disciple and where to go next;

Enter the Second realm of the Twenty-Second depth of the Crypt. In the centermost coffin lies the corpse. A Cthonic Disciple is burried there. *whispers* The forbidden one. He who need not be named. Go there on the Temuairan days of Sgrios,the eight, sixteenth, and twenty-fourth day of the month, on the day or just following the day of Sgrios, the ninth, seventeenth or twenty-fifth day of the month, or the days of luathas, the fourth, twelfth, and twentieth day. Wear the necklace of prayer to Sgrios. *looks away* And pray to Sgrios.

You will be instructed to head to The coffin at (29,29) In Mileth Crypt 22-2.
Make sure to equip your Sgrios Prayer Necklace
You will get a notification saying "You notice cryptic glyphs"
If the time is wrong it will say "You notice cryptic glyphs but the time is not right."

Click "*reads the glyphs*", "*furvently reads aloud* Sgrios!", "Breach the way between me", "and the Other Gods.", "*screams madly*", "Reveal the Thing That Should Not Be.", "By this talisman of decay", "take me along the darkened path.", "*chokes in pain*", "*passes out*". You will enter the Nightmare.

Inside the Nightmare walk to (4,4). You will have a vision of Cthonic horrors and a location.
Take note of the location. (Mine was Dubahim North 6-2)
Click "Wake" to leave the nightmare. You will be teleported to your home.

You must now visit the location mentioned earlier;
Dubhaim Castle 6-2: (14,2)
Mileth Crypt 27-3: ??
Piet Crypt 16-2: (10,9)

When you reach your location you will get a notification saying "you discover the ancient site". Click "Read it"

Once you have visited the location return to the Nightmare using the same method as before.
Approach (4,4) again and click "I will become a Cthonic Disciple" and then "Wake".

You will receive a Cthonic Caputium, Cthonic Robes, 3,000,000 Experience and the Legend Mark: "Cthonic Disciple of (Element)".

The element depends on which location you had to visit;
Dubhaim Castle 6-2: Dawn
Mileth Crypt 27-3: Death
Piet Crypt 16-2: Decay

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