Craft: Law's Belt

Head to Lost Ruins 3 (78,11) and Speak to Yemon at (22,89).

He will ask if you are interested in trading some items for his belt. He will ask for the following:

Item Quantity Required Location
Assassin Wolf Lock
50 Monster Drop: Assassin Wolf
(Beastiary: Lost Ruins 3)
Jeweled Dark Belt
30 Quest Reward
(Quest: Archaeologist of Beal Na Carriage)
Cursed Belt
4 Treasure Box: Big Treasure Bag
(Beastiary: Loures Sewer Canal)
50,000,000 Gold Farming

He will ask if you are still interested. If you select "Sure" he will take the items from you.

You will receive: Law's Belt

Name Level AC Value Durability Weight Stats
Law's Belt
AB25 -4 300,000 7,000 1 +1,000 Health, +2 Str, +2 Dex, +15 Hit, +15 Dmg, Dark Defense

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