Breath Ring

Head to Oren Island City and speak to Alane in the Oren Island Jewelry Shop at (88,117).
Click "Breath Ring", "How much?", "Will you trade for it then?" and "What in Danaan's name is a Golden Floppy?".

She will ask you to bring her a Golden Floppy from the Oren Jungle.

Exit the shop and head to Oren Island Path at (30,0).

Golden Floppys can be found in Oren Jungle 1 through 18.
(Map of Oren Jungle)

Once you find a Golden Floppy simply attack it (until it dies.)
Pick it up once it falls unconscious.

Once you have a Golden Floppy return to Alane at the Jewelry Shop.
Speak to her again and click "Breath Ring", "Sure"

You will receive a Breath Ring and 100,000 Experience.

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