Band of Danaan

Head to Abel Port and enter the inn at 58,38.
Go upstairs and into the 2nd room of the second corridor.

Speak to Rolan and he will tell you about his dream.
He will ask you to check old books in loures.

Head to Loures Library and speak to Blaise.
Click "Gods and hats", "Yes!" , "Do you know anything of the boy's dream?" and "Why is the subject forbidden?"

Head to Gramail temple and speak to Camille.
Click "About the orders..." , "Your skin is very nicely tanned" , "What job was there in Abel?" and "Why soldiers"

Head to the Coast Bar on Abel's Coast and speak to Age.
Click "Have you seen anything unusual lately?" , "Ainmeal?" , "Tenes?", "Ealagad?" , "Soldiers?" and "Gods?"

Head to the Temple of Choosing and speak to Keefe.
Click "I seek answers..." , "I seek answers from Fiosachd." and "So you will not tell me of the cap?"

Head to the Temple of Choosing and speak to Logan
Click "Luathas, the Cap" , "I am eager to continue, I wish to help the boy." and "What must I do next?"

Head to Mehadi Swamp entrance and say "Cousin" out loud.
Click "How about 1,000 gold coins?" , "Nothing, just felt like being kind today." , "Looking for this cap." , "Where did you get the cap?" and "Something strange?"

Head into the Swamp untill you reach Rishi Mukul Gathering.
Find Varuna at 29,20 and say "The Cap".
Click "I have what you need." , "But the boy could not understand the gods." , "I see...the old man who rote the book Blaise spoke about."

Head to Sgrios Temple in Dubhaim Castle and speak to Greim.
Click "Greim, talk to the dead." , "I must speak to one who has left this land." , "What consequences?" , "What is the proper care?" and "I am willing to try."

In the Hall of Souls head north to 14,5 and speak to Dreamer
Click "What is this place?" , "And what was that?" , "What happened to the Cap of Danaan?" , "But these caps were never seen!" , "There is such proof now?" , "What happened?" , "And why did the boy have those dreams?" , "A lure?" , "It is still not over!?" and "Wait, I have more questions!"

You now have a choice to speak of one of two people;
Neal (Ceannlaidir) or Donnan (Cail) (Broken).

Ceannlaidir Route;
Head to the temple of choosing and speak to Neal
Click "Are you the father?" and "Yes. I did so much already, two more tasks are nothing."

Head to Undine Tavern and say "Need help?"
Click "I have Wolf's skin"

Return to the temple of choosing and speak to Neal
Click "Are you the father?"

Head to Tagor magic shop and say "Need help?"
Click "I have a Stick."

Return to the Temple of Choosing and speak to Neal
Click "Are you the father?"

Head to temple of choosing and speak to Erin (Priest guide)
Click "I completed the tasks" and then make sure to click "Next"


You will receive a CapBand of Danaan, 1,000,000 Experience and the Legend Mark: "Worthy of the Band of Danaan"

You may enhance your band by heading to a religious temple and saying "Please consecrate my band of Danaan";
Band Name Religious Temple Enhancements
Band of Danaan None +100 Health, +100 Mana
Band of Creation Deoch +200 Mana, +1 Regen
Band of Decay Sgrios -10 AC, -400 Health
Band of Harmony Cail +400 Health
Band of Honor Ceannlaidir +5 Hit, +5 Dmg
Band of Order Gramail +10 AC, +30% MR
Band of Passion Glioca -5 AC
Band of Swiftness Fiosachd -8 AC, -200 Health
Band of Wisdom Luathas -100 Health, +400 Mana
You can return your band back into a Band of Danaan by returning to Erin and clicking "Original Cap or Band of Danaan" and "Yes".

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