Astrid Quests

The Kobolds and Goblins of Astrid still raid Undine's outlying areas and still abduct children from her. Perhaps as long as Astrid has their attention their wicked ways will continue. Eyes everset on the Evening Star.

Head to Undine and speak to Kalliope in the Tavern at (18,77). Click "The Sacrifice".

The Sacrifice:

There are three different ways that you can help;

I will perform reconaissance.

Click "I will perform reconaissance" when you are ready to begin.
You will be given 8 Temuairan hours (1 Hour) to return and report your findings.

Head to Astrid and walk around at each of the three points marked on the map below.
Once you receive a notification proceed to the next point.
Once you have scouted all three corners return to Kalliope and click "I will perform reconaissance" again. You will receive experience based on how many corners you found;
1 = 2,000. 2 = 16,000. 3 = 32,000. (Experience may vary)

I will attack the captors.

You will receive between 2,000 and 5,000 experience for each type of Kobold or Goblin you have slain.

I will rescue the Undine children

You will need to learn the Goblin Secrets before you are able to do this quest.
Once learned, you can click "I will rescue the Undine children." to begin.
You will be given 8 Temuairan hours (1 Hour) to return with a child.

Head to Astrid North and walk around the fence at (6,13) until you find a child.

Once you have found a child return to Kalliope and click "I will rescue the Undine children" again. You will receive 30,000 Experience.

Goblin Secrets

To learn the Goblin secrets you must either be an award winner (Click Kalliope, Goblin Secrets, Study the Secrets), or have an award winner teach them to you. (They must Click Kalliope, Goblin Secrets, Teach the Secrets and then type your name). You will only remember the secrets for a Moon (3.5 Days).

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