Arsaidh Aon

Where did the Dragon go?

Head to Mileth Bakery and speak to Muhsin.
He ask you to investigate the missing statue at the bottom of Mileth Crypt.

Walk down to Mileth Crypt 31-1. You will notice footprints.
Walk around until you receive a popup.
*Avoid (1,15). It will send you home

Return to Muhsin and tell him about the footprints.

Head to Loures Library and speak to Blaise. Click "Statue in the Mileth Crypt"

Head to Oren Throne Room and speak to Deos.

Return to Loures Castle and speak to Thibault.
Attempt to leave the room and you will get a popup.

Head to Loures Dungeon and speak to Yves. Click "Note From Servant"

Head to Oren Throne room and speak to Deos.

Head to Oren House and speak to Baldo. Click "Oren Tombs" "Here, take it."
He will take 1,000,000 coins in exchange for the location of the tomb.

Oren Tomb

Head to Oren Island City (33,94) and enter Oren Island Upstairs0
Walk to (2,8) to enter Oren Tomb.

Kill the Zombies and Skeletons until you have all 4 Relics.

Once you have all 4 Relics walk to (6,40) to reach the next floor.

Walk infront of Donal's coffin at (17,20) to receive a Map to Feasgar.
The map will tell you to go to the bottom corner of East Woodland 20-1

Head to East Woodland 20-1 and walk to (49,49)
Continue through the Grasslands until reach Grasslands Village.

Grasslands Village

(Map to Grasslands)
Once you reach Grasslands Village Speak to Ceannard at (59,37)
He will ask you to kill 5 Kobolds.

Kill 5 Kobolds around the town.
Once you have killed enough Kobolds return to Ceannard.
He will tell you where the entrance to Caladh Beithir is.
Head to (43,99) and enter Caladh Beithir 1.

Caladh Beithir

(Map of Caladh Beithir)
Walk to (0,73) and enter Caladh Beithir 2.
Each group member must kill 6 Dust Cloud.

Head back to Caladh Beithir 1.
Walk to (23,78) and enter Caladh Beithir 5.

Walk to (81,76) and enter Caladh Beithir 10. (Through the door that works).
in 10 Walk to (85,43) and enter 14
in 14 Walk to (43,78) and enter 20
in 20 Walk to (95,46) and enter 24
Each group member must kill 8 Shadow.

Head back to Caladh Beithir 5.
Walk to (62,77) and enter Caladh Beithir 8. (Through the door that didn't work).
Each group member must pick up a Sub-cavern Key.

(Make your way to Caladh Beithir 26) Head back to Caladh Beithir 1.
Each group member must kill 20 Spelio along the way.
in 1 walk to (97,33) to 6
in 6 walk to (85,42) to 9
in 9 walk to (43,76) to 11
in 11 walk to (98,10) to 16
in 16 walk to (99,43) to 17
in 17 walk to (29,46) to 22
in 22 walk to (30,44) to 27
in 27 walk to (81,0) and enter Caladh Beithir 23.
Each group member must kill 10 Gargoyle.

(Make your way to Caladh Beithir 36)
in 23 walk to (44,16) to enter 26
in 26 walk to (27, 47) to enter 28
in 28 walk to (43,78) to enter 32
in 32 walk to (1,28) to enter 31
in 31 walk to (31,47) to enter 34
in 34 walk to (15,12) to enter 33
in 33 walk to (44,79) to enter 36
in 36 walk to (43,73) to enter Feasgar Village.

Feasgar Village

(Map of Feasgar Village)
Head to (58,0) and enter Feasgar Kingdom.

Walk to (32,0) and enter Feasgar Throne.
Speak to the frozen Feasgar at (21,14)
He will tell you he has searched for the dragon to no avail.
You offer to find somebody to help cure his frozen curse.

Head to Mileth.
Head to Black Magic Master and speak to Dar. Click "Feasgar's Curse".
He has no information but tells you to speak to Devlin.

Head to White Magic Master and speak to Devlin. Click "Feasgar's Curse".
She will tell you the curse is called reodhadh droch, frozen evil, used by the first empress Annsa.
She explains it's only removable if you know the words spoken when it was cast.

Return to Black Magic Master and speak to Dar. Click "Feasgar's Curse".
Tell him the name of the curse and he asks if you need help figuring out the words.
Sputtering random guesses for deochs is out of the question so he offers a better solution.
During the Shadows War three sisters discovered the ability to see time.
They were known as the amser witches, representing past, present and future.
They became greedy with power and Darkness overcame them.
The future witch burned out her eyes and they sought asylum in Dubhaim Castle.
The witch of the past can hopefully open a viewing portal.

The Sisters of Time

Head to Dubhaim Castle 6-2 and speak to the sisters.
The three sisters represent the past, present and future.
Fah, the witch of the past cannot hear you.
Fuirset, the witch of the future also cannot hear you.
Drasd, the witch of the present can hear you, and tells you a way to contact the witch of the past.

Head to Mileth Messenger and speak to Colm. Click "Message to Fuirset" You will be asked for a date. Type the current deoch + 20. You will also be asked for the current Moon. (You can check this by relogging and checking the shift+F pane). It will cost 100,000 coins to send the mail.

Return to Dubhaim Castle 6-2 and speak to the Drasd again. She will open a portal. Enter the Portal to witness the words the Empress used.

Return to Feasgar in Feasgar Throne (Via Bottom corner of East Woodland 20-1) and say "And for that I lay upon this curse, my broken heart"

He will be cured of the curse. and reveal that he is the Dragon!

You will receive a note to give to Dar.
You will also be sent Home.

Crafting your Weapon

Return to Dar and click "Feasgar's Curse" to give him the note.
Whilst unconscious he did some research and tells us we must defeat Dracon.
. He tells you that you will need a group of all 5 classes and an ancient weapon of Hy-brasyl
He provides the schematics and tells you to speak to the blacksmith in Oren Jungle 10-1.

Head to Oren Jungle 10-1 and enter the Oren Jungle Armory. (Quest)
Speak to the Violet. Click "Ancient Hy-brasyl Weapons" She will offer to craft your Hy-Brasyl Replica.
She requires 30 Finished Hy-Brasyl to craft it. You will need a Rogue to Polish them.

Speak to her again to give her the 30 Finished Hy-Brasyl.
Wait 10 minutes.
Speak to her again. You will receive your Replica Weapon.

Slaying the Dragon

Head back to East Woodlands 20-1 (49,49).
You will be teleported to the Decimated Village.
The Warrior and Monk must leave group and quickly group eachother.

Make sure that the Warrior and Monk use their Replica weapons.
Walk to (70,40) and kill the dragon. (Boss Tactics)

Once the dragon reaches 0 health it will say "Arrgh! Noooo!!" and begin to explode. This is the sign for the Warrior and Monk to ungroup again and be reinvited to the main group. If not grouped within 10 seconds it can cause some of the group to not receive credit.

You will be teleported to Unknown Plane. Speak to Annsa.

You will receive an Engagement Ring and the Legend Mark: "Defeated Arsaidh Aon"

We're also told that our replica weapons will be empowered at ab 99.

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