Arena Circut

Notes: There is no death penalty for dying inside of the Pit Circut.
Most of the opponents use percentage based attacks. A high character does not mean it will be easy. I reccomend taking a full group and practising a few times. If you are unable to continue shout "Uncle" to be teleported to safety.

Before starting this quest you will need up to 4 other players. Your group should also include a minimum of a healer, a flower, a killer, and a speller if the killer requires debuffs.

Head to Gladiator Arena Entrance in Medenia when you are ready to begin.

Make sure everybody is grouped and have one person speak to Yen. Click "Arena Circut", "Yes", and then "Yes" again.
You will be teleported to Pit Circut.

Inside you will find a single creature. Each time you kill it, it will respawn slightly stronger. After defeating a few you will be teleported to the second room, and after killing a few more, the third. Continue to kill until you are teleported back to Gladiator Arena Entrance.

You will receive a Champion Band, a Turtle Mount, and the Legend Mark: "Arena Circut Champion".

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