Recovered the Arcane Gauntlet

The Searching

To start this quest you will need a Demon Lord's Notes.
You can obtain these from Eingren Manor or purchase them from another player.

Begin by heading to Tagor and reading the Demon Lord's Notes.
Start walking around the town. (Aim to cover every single tile, hopefully it won't take that much)

You will receive a popup saying you hear a whisper from the shadows.
The whispers say if you want a job you should come to Mileth Church alone.
It will also tell you the password. Make sure to note this down.
(Mine was spypost, another said theirs was sinful)

Head to Mileth Village and approach the back of the church at (39,67).
Make sure there are no other players on screen when you do this.

Type in the password you were given earlier
You will be taken to the Assassin's Hall Entrance

Mission Planning

Speak to Nikolad and click "[Remain silent]".
He will explain that he is the doorman and will relay messages from the hall.
He mentions they need new blood for a mission.
If you're interested click "I'm in, what do I have to do?"

He tells you to return in a week whilst the mission is planned.

The Assassination

After a week has passed return to Nikolad.

He apologises for the delay but soon explains why;
He gives you a Plain Black Box. It's use remains a mystery.

He asks you to head to Pravat South Entrance and bring out the box near the beggar.
He also mentions that if he "drops something" you MUST return it to him.

Head to Pravat South Entrance and approach the beggar.
Use the Plain Black Box in your inventory.
Make sure there are no other players on screen when you do this.

The Beggar clutches his chest and dies instantly.
Return to Nikolad with the news.

He will praise you for the job and ask you where the package is.
He seems really angry when you mention not finding it and demands you go find it.

Head back to the scene of the crime (16,16) and find the Beggar's Journal.
Read through to see if there are any clues about a package.
It seems to mention a "secret stashing place" by the Armor Shop in Tagor before falling apart.

Head to Tagor Village and search around (44,29) until you find a "Dusty Glove"

I'm sure Nikolad will be pleased with your efforts.
Return to Nikolad with the Old Dusty Glove.

You've been tricked

Nikolad and three other Assassins will attack you and attempt to take the glove.
Kill the weaker ones first and then kill Nikolad last. He will transform into a demon before dying.

Without anybody guarding the door you may now attempt to enter the Assassin's Hall.
Before you enter a voice will deny you access.
He will thank you for exposing Nikolad and his plan to obtain the Arcane Gauntlet for his master.
As a reward he will let you keep the Gauntlet, originally made for Killagh a long time ago.

You will receive an Arcane Gauntlet and the Legend Mark: "Recovered the Arcane Gauntlet"

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