Andor Trials

Although this quest only requires 1,000,000 Coins I reccomend bringing more because it will most likely take multiple attempts. If at any point you relog you will be teleported outside. If a group member skulls and you are unable to red them everybody should relog and start over. Make sure to group everyone doing the quest but nobody else as this will kick you out on the second room.

Head to Andor Lobby and walk to the bottom corner. Equip your mantis costumes and speak to the ant.
He will ask for 1,000,000 Coins and then teleport you to the first room.

Equip the Magic Lantern that you recieve to help you see a little further than usual.

Room 1: Navigation

Head north and take the first portal on the left. Head south till you reach the door.

Room 2: Teleport Squares

Walk south and have a group member stand on each teleport square.

Room 3: Seperation

You fill find yourself seperaed from your group, follow the path and meet in the middle.
Once all the group is there safely, head north.

Room 4: Patience

Tactic 1; Slow: Move one square at a time across the bridge and wait for the group to catch up.
When the bridge starts to "collapse" run as fast as you can to clear it.

Tactic 2; Two-man Rush: Have two strong people rush to the end of the bridge and clear the monsters.
The whole group will be teleported to the next room when one person reaches the end.
Do not attack the Gurdian until all the other ants are dead.

Room 5: Gap Jumping

Follow this path to reach the next room.
Kill any Guards that may be in the group's way.

Room 6: Chess

When you attack a chess piece it will move in the direction you are currently facing.
The pillars will disappear when a player or chess piece is on their corrosponding pressure plate. (See images)
Players with ambush can be temporarily "left behind" to help the others through the maze.

Room 7: Gravestones

Click the gravestones when they are facing south to advance.
If you click them when they are facing away you will be knocked back one step.
The statues will attack you so fas, aite and heal eachother.

Room 8: Guardians

Search the room whilst killing guards to find the 5 Guardians.
Underneath each guardian is a teleport square.
After all the guardians are dead have one player stand on each tile to proceed.
Note: Do note hide or the ants will ao sith the group.

Room 9: Riddles

In the centre of the room is a chess piece. Assailing it will give you a riddle.
If you do not get one of the riddles from below press escape and try again until you do.
Capitalize the first letter of the word and do not include a period.

100% Working Riddles

They are neighbors but can never see each other.Eyes
You use a knife to slice my head and weep beside me when I am dead. What am I?Onion
Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?Fire
What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks,
has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?
I Drive men mad For love of me, Easily beaten, Never free. What am I?Gold
As a whole, I am both safe and secure.
Behead me, and I become a place of meeting.
Behead me again, and I am the partner of ready.
Restore me, and I become the domain of beasts. What am I?
I am the ruler of shovels, I have a double, I am thin as a knife, I have a wife. I am the King ofSpades

You will Receive a Broken Andor Shield and the Legend Mark: "Explorer of Andor Dungeon"

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