Aman Jungle

To start these quests you will need to be at least AB20.

Before you start please take a moment to remember the following Abbreviations:

AbbreviationFull Name
AJAman Jungle
HGHostile Grounds
CCCrystal Caves
Here is a list of the Important Mundanes you will come across.
After visiting each one once you should remember their whereabouts, but if it's your first time you may use the coordinates provided.
NameMap NameCoordinates
Aman Village92,10
Aman Village80,107
Aman Village41,107
Aman Village9,38
Hostile Guard
Hostile Chief
Hostile Village28,35
Note: If the Grey or Red Spore Plants are below 70% health they will spam cup spells.
I highly recommend hiding past or ignoring them.
Quantity Item NameObtained FromLocationDrop Rate
N/A N/A Dendron Flower
Aman Jungle 3, 8, 10, 15 N/A
1x Map to Elemus Elemus
Aman Jungle 20 90%
20x Clothing Scrap Hostile Villagers
Hostile Grounds 21 - 2890% Chance per kill
Drops on Floor
20xCrystal Bar Crystal Vein
Crystal Caverns 1 - 7100% Chance per kill
Into Killer's Inventory

Kept Oriana Safe from Dendron Flower:

Talk to Jovino in Aman Village Lounge, He will ask you to kill Dendrons to keep Oriana safe. Gather a group and head to AJ3. Dendrons will spawn periodically as long as somebody is on the map.

After you have killed 20 return to Jovino and say "Oriana"

Helped Oriana find Elemus:

Speak to Oriana in Aman Village, say "Jovino" and she will ask you to help her find a Map to Elemus.
Gather your group again and head to Weylin in AJ6. say "Oriana" and he will let you inside.
Kill Elemus until your whole group has a Map to Elemus .

Take the map back to Oriana and she will tell you to wait 24 hours.
When you return she will give you an Elemus Mount .

Obtained Hostile Disguise from Glenna:

Speak to Vortigern in Aman Village. He will assign you the mission of spying on the Hostile Chief.
To enter the Hostile Village you will first need to dress like them.

Take 20 Scraps of Clothing to Glenna in Aman Village Bank. She will tell you to wait 24 hours.

When you return she will give you your Hostile Costume /and Hostile Headgear .

Befriended the Hostile Chief:

Head to AJ10 and equip your Elemus Mount. Walk through the rooms till you reach the Hostile Guard at HG28.
Equip your Hostile Costume and Headgear and he will allow you to enter.

Speak to the Hostile Chief, He will ask you to find him the Ugliest Mask you can.

Head back to Aman Village and say "Ugliest mask" twice to Oriana.
She will give you her ugliest mask in exchange for 20 Crystal Bars.
Take the mask back to the Hostile Chief. Have him explain the story between the Chiefs if you say "Tell me the plans".

Reunited Chief Vortigern and the Hostile Chief:

Return to Chief Vortigern in Aman Village and you will be told to wait 24 hours whilst he writes an apology note.
When you return you will receive an Apology note.
Head to the Hostile Village and walk around until you find a good place to hide the note.

After you get the pop-up stand near the Chief and say "received the note".

Return to Vortigern in Aman Village and tell her about the reunion.
With the Chiefs reunited you may now pass through the previously blocked entrance to Yowien Territory

Map of Aman Jungle
Map of Hostile Grounds
Map of Crystal Caves

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