Aided the Pact of Anaman

Note: If you do this quest you will not be able to do "Cured a sick child in Loures".

Head to Loures Castle and make your way to Loures Cyril Corridor and speak to Paulin.
(Map of Loures Castle)

He will speak of Cyril, the councilor of Loures before Jean. He had imprisoned Marlin because he knew too much about the maddening powers of the Conix. Cyril was unknowingly involved in a pact and subsequently aided Anaman. Upon finding out he killed one of the cultists involved and left the six incomplete and unable to finish the pact, and was then brutally murdered. Since the pact is still unfinished you may choose to bring a flower that will further poison the childs mind.

Head to Mehadi Swamp and make your way to Mehadi Heart West.
(Map of Mehadi Swamp)

If you would like to aid the pact you will need Tulsi Blossoms.

Mehadi Heart West
Sevti Blossom2,9
Tulsi Blossom 1,3
Nila Blossom14,6
Once you have picked a flower you can return to Paulin at Loures Cyril Corridor.

Aid the Pact:
Click "The sick child, how is she?", "Offer Tulsi Blossom", "Offer Tulsi Blossom"
You will receive 10,000 Experience.
Turn in 5 flowers and you will receive the Legend Mark: "Aided the Pact of Anaman"

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