Summoned Pets

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Summonable pets respond to basic commands. You can say them or add them to an ability.
Your phrase must include your pets name and the desired command.
Command Response
Attack The pet will stand still and perform it's attack animation
Play The pet will wander around the map aimlessly.
Sleep The pet will stand still and display a pramh animation.
Home The pet will despawn.
Quiet (Buddies only) The pet will stop talking.
There are several "Buddies" that act like regular pets but they can also speak.
Buddy Summoning Item Location
Dwarf Buddy Kruna Store (750)
Mummy Buddy Event: Mummy Attack
Pirate Buddy Kruna Store (750)
Skeleton Buddy Event: Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Buddy Treasure Box: Trick-or-Treat Bag
Pet Summoning Item Location
Pet Kit
March Event: Giant Floppy (Tagor)
Quest: Blackstar Watchman
Pet Fenix
March Event: Giant Floppy (Tagor)
Pet Chicks
March Event: Giant Floppy (Boss)
Earth Spirit Pet
Fire Spirit Pet
Water Spirit Pet
Leprechaun Friend
Event: Catch a Leprechaun
Pet Baby Brute
Event: Horse of the Gods
Pet Bast Cat
Pet Bat
Pet Beetle
Pet Black Scorpion
Pet Blue Octopus
Pet Brawlfish
Pet Brown Octopus
Pet Centipede
Pet Chicken
Pet Crab
Pet Cursed Dog
Pet Deer
Pet Dragon
Pet Enchanted Beast
Pet Erbie
Faerie Friend
Pet Female Pig
Pet Flame
Pet Frog
Pet Ghost
Pet Giant Floppy
March Event: Giant Floppy (Tagor)
Pet Golden Floppy
Pet Green Droplet
Pet Green Starfish
Pet Green Wasp
Pet Gremlin
Pet Grey Yowie
Event: Horse of the Gods
Pet Grim Succubus
Event: Horse of the Gods
Pet Grime
Pet Holiday Erbie
Pet Horse
Pet Hyena
Pet Kardi
Pet Kelberoth
Quest: Blackstar Watchman
Pet Kraken
Pet Larva
Pet Leech
Pet Male Pig
Pet Mantis
Pet Marauder
Pet Mouse
Pet Nagetier
Pet Namu
Pet Nikuru
Pet Pink Floppy
Pet Polyp
Pet Pupa
Pet Red Starfish
Pet Reindeer
Pet Rock Scorpion
Pet Snek
Event: Insect Catching Tournament
Pet Rouge Mushroom 2
Event: Horse of the Gods
Pet Rouge Mushroom 3
Event: Horse of the Gods
Pet Salog
Pet Sand Rat
Pet Scorpion
Pet Scrummel
Pet Skrull
Pet Smily Blob
Pet Smoldy
Pet Spinning Doll
Event: Horse of the Gods
Pet Succubus
Pet Three-Eyed Eagle
Pet Turtle
Pet Unmasked Warrior
Event: Horse of the Gods
Pet Viper
Pet Vulture
Pet Wasp
Pet White Baboon
Event: Horse of the Gods
Pet Winter Erbie
Pet Wolf
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