Warning: Once you become a Necromancer you cannot remove the legend mark. You will also only likely be rejected by religions other than Sgrios, Fiosachd and Ceannlaidir.

To become a Necromancer you will need to be a Wizard with at least 25 Int and 15 Wis.
You will also need to hunt a Zombi Flesh from the Zombies in House Macabre.

Once you have the Flesh head to Mileth Crypt Sgath room and follow the east wall to find the secret entrance to Gigean.
Give him the Flesh and he will initiate you into the order.

As a Necromancer you can learn the spell "Spion Torradh"
To summon undead creatures you will need to meet certain Level and Item requirements. Items are consumed on use.

Skeletal Warrior 25 Ghast's Skull
Powerful Skeleton Warrior 50 Gargoyle's Skull
Armored Skeletal Warrior 75 Gog's Maw
Powerful Armored Skeletal Warrior 80 Gargoyle Fiend's Skull
Death Knight 99 Gremlin's Ear

To summon you will need to cast the spell and drop the item at your feet.

Note: Most of these items are required for other classes' skills/spells. It would be way more beneficial to sell them and buy a Summonable Pet rather than spending them on temporary undead creations.

If you still want to summon undead minions you can go to Hadrian, the Suomi Black Magic Master and say "Necromancer" to craft fake summoning items.

Fake ItemItems Required
Skull2 Branches, Kobold's Skull, Wolf's Skin
Ear2 Spider's Legs, Zombi Flesh

Aside from the chance to fail they will function the same and cost way less gold.

You will receive the Legend Mark: "Walks the Path of Necromancy"
Note: The Necromancer Legend Mark is brown and considered ugly by many...
But if you're ressurecting dead creatures I think you're way past that.

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