These mounts go in the armor overcoat slot and do not increase movement speed.
Whilst unequipped they all share the same saddle sprite.

Mount Saddle
Ant Saddle
Black Jackal Saddle
Brown Horse Saddle
Deer Saddle
Dire Wolf Saddle
Gold Horse Saddle
Grey Wolf Saddle
Kelberoth Saddle
Pupa Saddle
Purple Horse Saddle
Red Horse Saddle
Rock Cobbler Saddle
Turtle Saddle
Unicorn Saddle
Wasp Saddle
White Horse Saddle
Boro Saddle
Fire Drake Saddle
Fomorian Horror Saddle
Lava Golem Saddle
Mantis Queen Saddle
Penguin Saddle
Sewer Slug Saddle
Unseelie Satyr Saddle
Verdant Losgann Saddle
Vulture Saddle
White Baboon Saddle
Dyeable Horse*
*The Horse is dyed in addition to the saddle.

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