Monk Forms

From a level as early as 4 monks may study the fighting style of monsters to gain their attributes and abilities.
Each form has it's advantages and disadvantages but each is unique and has it's own star ability.

When you are ready to learn a Form, head to Soumi Village (71,81)

To learn a Form from another player you will need all your stats to be at least 5.
To learn a Form from mundane Berg you will need all your stats to be at least 10


(+3 Str, -2 Int, -2 Wis)

Popular amongst arena-goers for it's dion piercing strike.
Kelberoth Strike. Deal 30% of your current health in Damage, Dealing 60% to yourself.
Roar. Attempt to stun creatures around you. Rarely works.
Kelberoth Stance. Temporarily increase strength by 3.


(-1 Int, -1 Wis, +3 Con, -3 Dex)

Popular amongst hunters for it's 4-way kick.
Draco Tail Kick. Attack the enemies around you with a strong kick.
Draco Stance. 8 second invincibility for 200 mana.
Snort. A 1-line taunt that misses often.

White Bat

(-2 Str, +3 Int, -2 Con, +1 Dex)

Popular amongst questers and pacifists for it's invisibility spell.
White Bat Stance. Grants invisibility
Dark Spear. Blinds the target for a few seconds.


(-1 Str, -1 Int, -1 Con, +3 Dex)

The least popular form as it has no real special abilities.
Scorpion Stance. -10 armor class, does not stack with priest armachd.
Sting. A weak poison punch.

Overmaxing with Forms.

Learning a form slightly alters your stats. you can combine this with relocation to give yourself a minor stat increase.
A wizard/monk or monk who is planning on being a Karura should not do this because it reduces intellect.

Note: After forgetting a form you must wait 24 hours to learn a new one.

StepStats will be
With Draco Form180 146 96 215 92
Forget Draco Form180 147 97 212 95
Learn White Bat Form178 150 97 210 96
Max Strength and Constitution180 150 97 215 96
Forget White Bat Form182 147 97 217 95
Learn Kelberoth Form185 145 95 217 95
INT to WIS twice
INT to DEX twice.
185 125 105 217 105

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