Identifying Items

Most of the items that drop in Temuair will need to be itentified to show their true names. An experienced player will be able to guess certain items; Amber Becklaces that drop in Shinewoods will always have a Dark property unless placed there by another player. However, there is no way to find out the true identity of items such as raw beryl.
You may identify an item by placing it in the first slot of your inventory and using an identify skill.

Some universal identify skills are Wise Touch, Perish Lore, and Evaluate Item. These skills will work on any item and reveal it's true name.

There are other Lore skills, such as Food Lore, Armor Lore, Melee Lore, Missle Lore, Potion Lore, and Magic Lore.
These skills will only identify items relevant to the skill name (Food Lore will only identify food items, Melee Lore will only identify weapons). However, they will reveal other information as well as the name.

Here are some examples of items that may be identified:

Obscure Name True Name
Raw Beryl
Flawed Beryl
Amber Necklace
Dark Amber Necklace
Iron Gauntlet
Sgrios Iron Gauntlet
Two-Handed Gladius
Grand Two-Handed Gladius

As you can see the Item names have changed slightly to reveal their additional properties.

The Beryl is actually second grade, the Amber Necklace has a Dark offensive element, the Iron Gauntlet is blessed by Sgrios, and the Gladius has been smithed to it's highest grade.

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