Gold Farming

These are just a few of the ways you can make gold in Darkages.

Raw Gold

This usually requires the least work and you will get the gold directly from killing monsters.
A few places that drop decent amounts of gold are;

Grass Fields.
Cthonic Remains. (Don't forget to pick up the Talgonites!)
Shinewood Forest 2.
Mount Giragan.
Oren Ruins. ("Nobis")

Farming items to sell

This requires a little more effort but is probably the most efficient gold for your time.
A few items you can hunt to make decent amounts of gold are;

Raw Talgonite & Hybrasyl
Gems (Uncut & Finished Ruby/Beryl)
Lost Ruins drops (Grime Skin, Wolf Locks, Fire Worms, Giant Remains, Marble Slabs)
Boss Runs (Andor Queen, Water Dungeon, Yowien Territory, Canals, Mines)
Quest Sets (Master Sets, Creant sets)

Popular Services

These will require the most effort but will sell easily if your prices are competetive.
A few services that sell easily for decent amounts of gold are;

Exp Leeches
Ab Leeches
Gem Polishing (Uncut & Finished Ruby/Beryl, Finished Talos)
Seasonal Events (Golden Starfish, Lucky Clovers, AP & Exp box, Mother Erbie Gift)

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