A great way to relieve some stress is to do some fishing.

Head to Abel Fish Market at (27,46). If you speak to Kamel he will offer you a job fishing. The pay isn't very much but the oppertunity of catching the famous Purle Whooper is one you should not overlook if you enjoy fishing.

Even if you have not decided the future of your fish yet, you will need a Fishing Rod and some Fishing Bait .
You may hold up to 100 Fishing Bait.

Next you will need to find a good fishing spot. The line on your rod only has limited range (5 Tiles) so you will need to position yourself quite close to the fish you are trying to catch. Loures Harbor is often crowded with fish so I reccomend this area to any beginners.

To catch a fish simply click it with the Fishing Rod equipped and Fishing Bait in your inventory.
I find clicking two times a second works just fine, any more than that and the clicks wont be recognized.

Sometimes you will lose your bait (around half of the time) but just keep clicking until you catch your fish.

Once you are done fishing you can decide what to do with the fish. They are eadible but have little effect, You can keep them as trophies, release them, or sell them to Kamel back at the Abel Fishing Hall.

Fish Uses
1,000 coins
2,000 coins
5,000 coins
5,000 coins
Rock Fish
3,000 coins
Hwarone Fish Quest
Lion Fish
4,000 coins
Hwarone Fish Quest
Purple Whooper
100,000 coins

Other Fishable Items
Useless Boot
*Mushroom Cap

*Only Peasants can "Catch" a Mushroom Cap

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