Whilst going about your business in Darkages you may notice a broadcast saying that somebody is hosting a class. When this happens Head to Mileth and enter the college area at (15,14). Enter the appropriate classroom and take a seat. The class should begin shortly.

For an Aisling to be able to hold classes they must have won higher than a clave award in a contest. When the class begins all students will be silenced unless given permission to talk. The class content is typically written by the Aisling holding the class and will be based around the subject they are recognised for. When the class is over you will be able to speak again. You must move or F5 within a few minutes or you will miss your chance to get credit.

Note: Classes will consume 4 days of labor.
You will receive some Experience and a chance of the Legend Mark: "Educated - #"

Level 1-98: 1,500 Experience
Level 99: 50,000 Experience

If you are interested in teaching classes or hosting a guilde, you may enter a Contest after receiving 5 Education marks.

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