The Dojo is a training area that you may use to improve any skills or spells.
Note: Things improve faster in the dojo than anywhere else.

Head to Mehadi Swamp and speak to Niomope. Select "Enter Training Dojo" and pay 25,000 coins to enter.

Your Dojo training session will last 8 hours. During that time you may leave your computer unattended with your character improving it's abilities. After the 8 hours is up attacking a Training Dummy will get you removed from the dojo and sent to the lobby. (Your character cannot use skills or spells in the lobby so you will no longer be jailed if you leave your macro running for longer than the dojo timer!).

You may speak to Pionope inside to exit or to change training rooms.
The rooms are all the same so your choice is purely aesthetic. I always prefer Dojo 2.

You can further increae your improvement rates by using Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus from the Kruna shop. Make sure you have plenty of skills and spells to work on because the scroll lasts 1 hour and will not pause whilst you leave to learn new abilities.

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