Conix Stones

You will need to learn Conix Lore before you are able to obtain Conix Stones.

To learn Conix Lore you must either be an award winner (Simply go pick up the stones alone).
Or have an award winner teach it to you. (They must meet you at Loures Library to teach the lore).
You will only remember the lore for a Moon (3.5 Days).

Once you know the lore head to Pravat South Entrance and enter the cave at (19,12). Walk to (0,40) and enter Pravat Works.
Walk around near (28,42) until you find the popup for the stones. You should find between 1 and 8.

Once you have found some stones you can use them to complete one of the Pravat Quests and Heart of Stone
They are also required for the Plamit Quest later in the game.

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