Chat Commands

Most npcs will react to a number of verbal commands in addition to using their menu.
Note that for a command to work the task must be something a nearby npc can perform.

Here are some common commands;

Command Function Example
Hello Mundane Greets an npc "Hello Mundane"
Repair All Repairs all of your equipment "repair all"
Repair [Item] Repairs a specific item "repair light belt"
I buy [Item] Buys a specific item I buy Hemloch
Buy my all [Item] Sells all of a specific item to the npc Buy my all Goblin's Skull
I will deposit [Item] Deposits a specific item I will deposit light belt
Give my [Item] back Withdraws a specific item Give my light belt back
How many [Item] have I? Asks how many of an item you have How many light belt have I?

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